Essential Integrations Powering OSP Digital Twin

TopoDOT Thumbnail

As part of our ongoing digital transformation journey, we’re integrating the tools and technologies that power our services and help us deliver the best customer experience. We recently had a great visit to Florida where we met with several of our OSP Digital Twin partners, including TopoDot and RIEGL, to explore a few of the latest innovations that are helping drive our digital transformation.  

As part of our digital twin approach, we leverage RIEGL’s cutting-edge VMY-1 mobile mapping system on our data collection vehicle to expertly capture field data. TrueNet team member Tyler Sprenger, OSP Digital Twin Mobile Operator, was able to spend time with the RIEGL team to explore data acquisition and registration using the same mobile mapping system TrueNet uses in the field.

Additionally, TrueNet team member Katy Sprenger, GIS Specialist, spent time with the TopoDOT team to better understand the critical systems powering our feature extraction approach.

We’re proud that our OSP Digital Twin approach is powered by state-of-the-art tools and technologies that seamlessly integrate every step of the way to​ deliver the most accurate digital twins, meeting the​ needs of today and tomorrow.​